DIY Record Weight for MMF-5 turntable

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DIY prototype record weight. This weight is made from rohador wood (I think is a made up word, but a nice hard wood that turns well from Central America) and a 17mm steal bearing that has been bored to fit a MMF-5 turntable. A standard spindle hole is 0.282 inches (7.163 mm) and a oversized spindle hole is 0.288 inches (7.315 mm). The MMF-5 has a narrow threaded spindle which expands to an oversized spindle at the base. The inner bearing of the record weight has been bored to reflect this.

I'm not sure yet if I like how this sounds in my system (in part because I'm currently using my table in a temporary system I'm not yet familiar with). It does sound, however, noticably different with the weight on vs off; much more detail on high and mids (but a bit lacking on base). I suspect it may be too heavy, but not sure. Regardless, I'm noticing something (good or bad) which is a claim I can't make when using the stock MMF-5 record clamp.

Eric Miller