martin 60

I recently acquired a 1948 Martin “60” outboard which hasn’t been run in over 30 years. I’m slowly breathing life back into this following Art Dekalbs’s 5 Point plan for old outboards which I’ve found quite helpful. It doesn’t quite look as nice as the original magazine ad, but I hope to get close its late 40’s condition as the original detailed manuals were included and parts, decals, etc. are still readily available.

The initial tear-down has been messy, but encouraging. It’s a very simple, but elegantly designed 7.2 hp, 2 cylinder engine. From looking under the hood, I can see why these Martins have quite the cult following.

I’ve been wanting something to go with my boat ‘high treason’ which is designed to be sailed, rowed or motored. It’s too early to tell if I can get this Martin working, but Alex and I are optimistic that we can. Our goal is that in the next couple months to be puttering over the water in style. :)