1972 BMW R75/5 w/ Halcyon 830 Mirrors

The mirrors that came with Die Hexe were tall, stalk mirrors designed for the handlebars used in Europe. Interestingly enough, however, these mirrors were mounted to the more ape-like bars shiped for the US market. While "tall on tall" seemed to be common at the time, I've always questioned this mod and the added vibration, i assumed, such a combination would cause. By replacing the US bars with lower, european bars that are designed to work with these taller mirrors, I had hoped to see a noticable reduction in mirror vibration . While there was indeed a decrease, it wasn't all that drastic. I can now see traffic behind me, but its consistently slightly to really blurry.

To help address this issue (and in fact see whats behind me), I've been thinking about aftermarket Halycron 830 bar-end mirrors as a means to improve things. Santa (via my two children) gave me a very nice stocking stuffer this year and presented me with a set. The following pictures provide a quick snapshot of these in place. They are extremely well made, fold in nicely and fit perfectly in 22mm bars.

My old rock-hard grips have been swapped out with BMW's sport grips (BMW GRIPS #32721458395 & 32721458396) designed to work for their newer bikes. I removed the plastic throttle insert and managed to retro-fit this to the older bike with very little effort. Best $10 ebay deal I've found in a while.

A crazy weather pattern gave the midwest 60 degree temperatures the end of January 2012. I took advantage of this to the extent possible and went for a ride to finally test these mirrors out. In short, they performed amazingly. No vibration and a clear view of whats behind me.

The corbin seat .... eh... i like less. Looks cool, but extremely hard on the arse. The seat itself lowers the rider (compared to stock) when riding, but because of the design requires the rider to stand up higher when at a stop. I need to give this more time before coming to any conclusions, but my inital ride was not all that exciting.