Flashing back on HTML

Following a web of circuitous links in the process of explaining to my son what a computer *not* connected to the Web might be, I stumbled upon some of our early working group notes discussing the finer points of initial HTML specification. Scanning the minutes I found it interesting to note the original cast of characters:

HTML-WG Meeting
Monday, Oct 17, 1994, Chicago World Wide Web conference.


Eric Sink            (Spyglass)
Stuart Weibel        (OCLC)
Eric Miller          (OCLC)
Yuri Rubinski        (SoftQuad)
TimBL                (W3O, CERN)
Tom Magliere         (NCSA)
Ron Daniel           (Los Alamos)
Dave Raggett         (HP, UK)
Roy Fielding         (UC Irvine)
Phillip Hallam-Baker (W3O, CERN)
Liam Quin            (SoftQuad)
Corp Reed            (Cold Spring Harbor Lab)
Mitra                (Mitra Internet Consulting)
Murray Maloney       (SCO)
Bill Perry           (Spry)
Terry Allen          (O'Reilly Associates)
Thomas Churchill     (EIT)
David Land           (Verity)
Jeff Sutor           (UCLA)
Jon Bosak            (Novell)
Chris Wilson         (Spry)
John Punin           (RPI)
Dave Hollander       (HP)
Jim Seidman          (Spyglass)
Larry Jackson        (NCSA)

– My son’s response to this particular page was simply: “Hey! Two Erics!” (here is the other one and he’s not a legend)