Interesting times in Education and Semantic Web

Bookmarking an interesting development reported in eweek…

Graham Glass, founder of successful software companies, supporter of Web services and service-oriented architectures, and former chief technology officer at webMethods Inc., has announced his resignation from the business integration software vendor.

“After many years of working on enterprise software, I’ve decided to get back to my training roots and start a fourth and as-yet unnamed product company focused on improving the education system,” he said. “Although the product itself will be an easy-to-use Web-based application targeted at K-12 students, teachers and parents, the underlying software infrastructure will be quite complex and utilize many concepts from the semantic Web.”

Color me interested :)

I’ve been working more recently with my friend Joseph Hardin who’s Directing the Sakai project about weaving more Semantic Web technologies into the higher education space. I think there is a lot of potential here so I’m extreamly glad to see Glass’s interest in this area. Looks like an exciting development to be sure!